Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Tail End

One warp comes to a happy end (as evidenced by all the tail wagging)

Tail Wagging

and the next one has begun.

146 ends x 6m

That's an all white warp, 146 ends in a variety of textures, thicknesses and sheen. The warp is 6 metres long and destined to become an article of clothing.

5:15pm February 15, 2017

You'd think all that white would be boring to weave, but it's anything but!

Hard to stop! The pull of this warp is strong.

I'm finding the draw of this warp to be almost a compulsion. I'm in there weaving in every spare moment.


Gene Black said...

:-) I hope you took time between warps to play with "Mr. Waggy Tail"

Marlene said...

Gene, the wagging tail belongs to my son's dog, Kona. She comes to my house each day so she's not alone and cooped up in his room all day while he's working. Kona is a mature dog that doesn't so much "play" anymore though she pretty much insists on long daily walks. If I don't walk her for an hour or two each morning she pesters me all day, but once that walk is in she pretty much sleeps the rest of the day. I consider her my "coach". She certainly motivates me to stay active.