Thursday, November 28, 2013

Decorating For Christmas

A few weeks ago I spotted these Christmas socks and what I think must be arm warmers? maybe leg warmers? at a costume jewellery store.

These will become -----

Inspiration struck and I could see two outfits there. Turns out I was able to create more than just two!

My original idea was the two elf-ballerina outfits Peanut and Pumpkin are wearing.

Sneak peek

But I also managed to get the long stocking cap for Gourd and a narrow scarf for Hickory Dickory out of the same purchase.

We need a little Christmas right this very minute.

Hickory Dickory isn't much into getting dressed up so he's happy with the scarf. Shannon however is in the other room, naked, sobbing that she hasn't anything suitable to wear. I guess I better find something for her and take another picture, perhaps closer to Christmas and with my better camera. These blurry photos were taken in low light with my iPhone.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank You AuntBear

Look at the lovely little dress Neelie received from the oh, so generous Auntbear! It is such delicate and beautiful crochet. Ultra-tiny stitches done in sewing thread I believe. It even has a lovely sewn underlay/slip to wear with it.

New Dress

It's a sleeveless dress and it has turned quite cold out so Neelie is wearing it with the stockings and arm warmers I made to go with her Halloween dress.

Neelie's new dress

The nice warm hat was knit by Nixipixie

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fuzz Hogs

I've been using idle time during long waits to work on these fuzzy little critters:

Fuzz Hogs

The designer calls them "Fuzzhogs". Some weaving knitters have named them "Loom Fairies". My granddaughters think they are adorable and are working on convincing me that one for each of them is not enough. I may have to make a few more.Good thing they are kind of fun to do.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Enjoying Weaving With Handspun

I'm really enjoying weaving with my own handspun, laceweight, merino/silk blend.


The fibre I spun came in a braid and was hand dyed by the seller. I love watching the colours slowly transition as I weave. I've knit with this same skein of yarn before, but I think it looks prettier woven.