Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tricks for Sewing Knits

It has been brought to my attention that some sewers have a difficult time when sewing knits. The fabric gets pushed down into the machine, especially at the beginning of the seam.

straight stitch throat plate

It helps if you use a straight stitch presser foot on the machine, and also a straight stitch throat plate, if you have one. The straight stitch presser foot has a narrow channel, not the wide slot used when zigzag stitching. The straight stitch throat plate has only a small hole, not a wide slot that is used when doing a zigzag stitch.

It will also help if you use a fine, ball pointed sewing machine needle.

Don't start sewing right at the edge of the material. Instead back stitch a few stitches to the edge and then go forward. Also be sure to keep both the thread from the needle and the thread from the bottom pulled to the back as you start to sew, to prevent snarling of the thread.

Wovenflame’s Tall Stockings for Pukifee

Pattern pieces for the tall stockings and the arm warmers (detachable sleeves) are in "Wovenflame's Knitting Patterns for Pukifee" available on Ravelry.

*If you have trouble with the fabric jamming down inside the sewing machine, check out the post, "Tricks for Sewing Knits". 

Turn down ¼” along the top of a piece of stretch knit fabric that is several inches wide. Using a straight stretch stitch or a narrow, short zigzag stitch, edge stitch this upper hem.


Trim the hem close to the stitching.


Now fold the fabric back on itself, right sides together, matching the top hem and any stripes in the fabric. Place the stocking pattern piece on the fold as indicated. Pin the pattern in place making sure the pins do not cross the edge of the pattern piece that is marked “stitching line”.


Stitch around the outside of the pattern piece from hem to toe.


Trim the seam reasonably close to the stitching, but not so close that there is danger of the stocking developing a hole.


Turn right side out, press



If you were careful when matching the stripes while pinning out your pattern piece, you will have a perfectly matching back seam.

Try the first stocking you make on the doll. Fabrics can sometimes vary in the amount of stretch. If your fabric has the average ability to stretch the stocking will be pleasingly snug and will stay up unaided. If it is too tight to slide over the thigh, try again, this time allowing a little more width. The pattern piece will work for Fairyland Pukifee dolls when using most stretch fabrics.

Pukifee Stockings and Arm Warmers

Wovenflame’s Arm Warmers 
or Detachable Sleeves for Pukifee.

These look really cute while winterizing a short sleeved top or dress. They are made following the same technique as the tall stockings except you must hem both the top and the bottom of the fabric piece before laying out the pattern piece.

Dress the doll in the detachable sleeves before you pull on a short sleeved top or dress for a warmer, layered look.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wovenflame’s Simple Pull On Pants for Pukifee

The actual pattern piece for these simple pull on pants is included in a knitting pattern collection available on Ravely for $8.95 US as a PDF download. Look for:


Cut two pants pattern pieces from lightweight cotton or, for a denim jeans like effect, from shirt weight denim. Be sure not to cut the notches too deep as the seam allowance is only ¼” on these small pants.

Use Fray Check on all edges to reduce fraying. 

Press up the ¼” hem allowance and top stitch in place.


Match CF edges, right sides together and sew seam. Trim seam allowance to 1/8” in crotch area, and press seam open.


Press down 3/8” casing for elastic, wrong sides together.


Measure and mark a piece of ¼” elastic at 3 ¼” . Do NOT cut!


Place the elastic next to fold line, under the pressed casing, butting the unmarked end of the elastic up to the raw edge of the pants piece. Take a couple of small stitches forward and back through the elastic and both layers of fabric and leave the sewing machine needle down.


Hold onto the thread tails behind the machine---------


---------- while you stretch the elastic until your measured mark is even with the opposite side of the pattern piece.


Sew through the centre of the elastic through all layers to the opposite side. Be warned, the second the machine needle starts in motion your elastic will want to contract! That is why you are hanging on to the thread tails.

Sew a second line of machine stitches below the first. It’s decorative, but it also holds down the extra width of the casing.

Sew CB seam. Trim to 1/8” width in the crotch area. Press seam open.


Match inseams and pin at cuffs and crotch seam.


Sew, then trim to 1/8” in the crotch area. 


Press seam open. A wooden dowel is a handy tool for this task.


Turn  pants right side out.


A "tube turner" tool is wonderful for turning these little pant legs.


Ta da! You’re done!



Friday, January 20, 2012

Pukifee Line Goes Live

Well it took much longer than I ever expected but my line of knitting patterns for PukiFee and Lati Yellow sized dolls finally went "live" tonight. It's now available on my Ravelry pattern page as an instant PDF download. A few minutes after I activated the link I had already had my first sale! Yay!

This is just a scan of the cover image and the quality and colour are poor, but it gives you an idea of what is included. There are 13 knitting patterns, with additional variations, and also a bonus of 3 simple sewing patterns. If you've come here looking for the promised sewing tutorials, I'll get those edited and up tomorrow. I need some sleep!

Thank you everyone for being so supportive and encouraging while I worked on this big project. It really means a lot to me.

Cover Image, Wovenflame's Knitting Patterns for Pukifee

Off Season Butt

Not exactly the appropriate time of year, but after taking the photo for a Pukifee knitting pattern collection I'll be releasing later today I just couldn't resist posting it here.

Pukifee Stockings and Arm Warmers

The pattern package will also include the sewing pattern for the tall stockings and the arm warmers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day

Not unheard of, but certainly not the norm here in the Fraser Valley.


The snow was kind of pretty at first.


But now it's getting a bit ridiculous! Stop! I say. We've had enough.

Beanie for Pukifee

Serenity doesn't agree though.


She loves every last flake of it!


And wouldn't you know it? She owns seven pairs of boots and I find her outside playing in her shoes.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

Whoa! What's the bright gleam coming from the sky? Could it be? Yes, yes! The sun made an appearance today! Nothing quite like a jolt of bright light to lift one's spirits.


After she got over the surprise Serenity dashed around making the most of the fresh air and sunshine while it she could.


I only gave her a minute or two before she had to find some shade to play in.


Direct sunlight isn't too great for these little resin kids. Just like real kids their "skin" can be damaged by too much UV light.

The little hoodie sweater is one of the designs I'm reading for publication in "Wovenflame's Knitting Patterns for Pukifee". It will be available through Ravelry in the next week or so. I just have to give one final design a second knit through and then I can invite Tessa over to help Serenity with all the necessary modelling. I hope we get some great sunny days like this for the photoshoot(s).


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nearing the End

Well she got what she asked for,

Ravelry image

.... a hat to match her new dress.

It snowed!

The knitwear pattern collection for Pukifee will be published soon. I think I'm down to doing a final test knit of the last two designs. Then there is still all the photography and publishing end to do. Two weeks, tops, I'm guessing.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Attention Hog

While I've been working at getting out a Pukifee knitting pattern line Serenity has really had more than her fair share of the attention around here (according to Peanut and Pumpkin anyway). 

spoiled rotten

But Serenity had better enjoy it while it lasts because once this pattern line is complete and published it's going to be all Minifee knitting for quite some time. My poor LittleFees will be standing at the back of the line for a while yet. Good thing they already had a pretty good sized wardrobe themselves.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Proudly Matching

Serenity is very proud to have a hand knit tunic sweater just like her "big" friend, Peanut.

Proudly matching

Peant is hoping I'll make her a lovely, soft, cashmere, "slouchy hat" just like Serenity's!

slouchy hat, front view

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Minifee Knitting

Though I am still plugging along on getting a collection of knitting patterns for Pukifee/Lati Yellow dolls ready for publishing, I couldn't resist a bit of celebratory knitting. In late December I ordered a new, larger doll, a Fairyland Minifee.

She won't arrive until late February or early March and then must go out to have her face custom painted as I'm ordering her "blank". So yeah, I do have a lot of time to get a homecoming outfit ready for her.

But when I received a collection of Minifee sized knitting and sewing patterns for my birthday I just could not resist taking an evening to knit up something quick and easy.

This is the "Romantic Cropped Cardigan" pattern by Cynthia Berrier. I'm thinking of pairing it with a simple dress with an empire waistline.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pukifee Coat and Hat

Slowly plugging away at getting patterns for the Pukifee collection ready. This is the second knit through of a coat and hat pattern I designed. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Serenity and Benjamin Bowser

Pukifee Hat and Coat

Her buddy there is "Benjamin Bowser", handmade by Ban Sidhe.

Serenity's New Coat