Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweaking the Fit

I wasn't all that happy with the bloomers of the little set I made for my RealPuki, Ms Muffet. They were too baggy and .... well .... bloomerish! So I gave that first set to the Pukipuki, Petunia because she's a bit bigger and fills them out more. So now while she rides off into the sunset on her trusty steed, "Lambie" wearing the first set......

Geet Along Little Lambie

...let's take a look at the revised set. On this purple set I did a small style revision on the bodice, and a complete overhaul on the bottoms, which are now more fitted and shorter, like panties.

The Approach

Mr Magoo was not left out either. For him I took a basic Kelly doll pattern and through a long process of trial and error and some pattern manipulation I came up with a nicely fitting pair of basic pants and a t-shirt.

Makin' His Move

He's feeling so dashing in his new threads that it gave him the confidence to make his move on his mighty fine lady friend, Ms Muffet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping Busy

These two recent additions are keeping me busier than a mother of twins!

I found a bit of an online tutorial on how to make dresses from lace. Using the idea I improvised and came up with this little sunset. 


Ms Muffet wanted to show you the matching bloomers underneath.


Mr Magoo wasn't left out either. He got this snug fitting little beanie.


It even has slots so the tips of his ears have room to breathe.


This is how they travel when I have to carry them about with me to try things like lace on for size. I've found it's also useful to have them on hand when I get asked the inevitable question, "What are you making?", when I ask for the salesperson to cut a piece of lace that is only .2 of a metre long.

Snug as bugs.

Closed up it looks fairly innocent and I don't look like some adult dork that .... um.... carries her dolls around with her.

Travelling case.

Monday, July 25, 2011

All Part of the Fun

Although these sweet dolls are enjoyable to have around, part of the fun for me is in creating things for them.

Here's Mr Magoo in a new pair of shorts I made him. He had been sitting around in a sweater and wool hat when our first hot summer day finally hit. I had to take pity on him!

first attempt

I used a basic Kelly doll pattern for the shorts, taking wider seam allowance so they would fit a little smaller. I think for the next pair I'll use a different construction method allowing more of it to be done on the sewing machine, and I'll lower the waistline

Ms Muffet's outfit was made a while back, before she arrived. I'm glad it actually fits! The weather turned a bit cool again today so she threw her new, cashmere cardigan on over the sundress.

Navy Set

I've also been working on Ms Muffet's cottage/studio. The stucco has now been done and painted. Next step is shingling the roof, I think.

stucco and paint

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Find Time

find time

follow your bliss

Find time to follow your bliss.

The loose weave scarves are now finished. I love how they turned out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Elfish Game? Hmmmm.

Mr Magoo claims that this is some sort of Elfish game played by Wee Folk back in his home country.

Elfish Games

I have my doubts though. Shortly afterwards I found him giggling in the back room with Ms Muffet.

fit of giggles

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Magoo

Final installation of the 5 part box opening story.....


Mr. Magoo! That's enough! It's time to get some clothes on.


Too much of a good thing, my dears? All right. Happy to oblige.


Ahh, a sweater. Aren't I the lucky fellow?


How do I look?


We'll be getting fancy new face paint some time in August. You think we're cute now? Just you wait! Come back for a nice long visit now, ya hear?

Show Off!

Part 4 of the 5 part box opening story......


Hi there folks! I'm Mr. Magoooooooooo!


Look what I can do!







THAT guy is a show off!


(Ah yes, the wee woman and her little friend are charmed, I'm sure. The bigger girls will be a tougher audience).

--- continued in the NEXT POST ---

Ms. Muffet's Debut

Part 3 of the 5 part box opening story....


Eeek, it has no face!


Um....excuse me......sorry to interrupt......I know I was sent with at least two faceplates. Could someone help me out here please? I seem to be having a little vision trouble.


Oh, my, that's much better! Hi, I'm Ms. Muffet. And you would be.....? Well hello Petunia! Glad to meet you. Hey, you wouldn't happen to have seen some hair around here would you? I seem to be a bit .... bald.


Much better, thanks! And now, could you be a dear and show me to the wardrobe?


Thank you, lovey. It's a darling dress! Now enough time spent fussing over me. Would you be so kind as to help me release my travelling companion?

--- continued in the NEXT POST -----

Opening the Box

Part 2 of the box opening story...


Oooo, this can't be good! It says, "Collect Customs".


Up, up! Somebody help me up. I want to see too.


You're right Pumpkin. But I don't think there's customs on RealPukis entering Canada. Maybe it's just so that the postman remembered to collect all those taxes? Wovenflame said there was lots and lots of taxes.


Ooooo, SHINY! I can see myself.


What's this Peanut? I thought Wovenflame said that both of the Wee Folk were "Sosos"? This one over here is labelled, "Roro".

Oh. Wovenflame mentioned that. The Roro belongs to Ban Sidhe and will be travelling on from here. Just the face though, *giggle*, the body is staying here and belongs to the second Soso. I know! Weird hey?


Look. What's in here?


Oh, it's a bunch of hands! Some big ones. Tthose must be the ones Wovenflame ordered for us. And some really, really small ones. Maybe those ones are for the Wee Folk?

continued in NEXT POST......

They'll Be Here Soon!

Part 1 of the 5 part box opening story....




Guys, guys, wake up! They're coming, they're coming!!

Huh? Who's coming Petunia?

"The Wee Folk! Wovenflame just got a notice that says they're "out for delivery."


Wha? Huh? What's going on?


Pumpkin, Petunia says that the RealPuki pair are almost here! I'll get her under control if you'll start gathering the welcome home stuff.


Okay, is this everything? Wow, these clothes are really small! Are the RealPukis babies? I mean, this wouldn't even fit Petunia!


No, Wovenflame said that even though they are really tiny, they are adults, hundreds of years old, and we are to treat them with respect. They're some sort of elfish folk....different race than me though.


There's two dresses here. I thought one of the Wee Folk was a

I don't think Wovenflame had any patterns to fit a man that small. She said he'd have to wear a dress until she had time to make him something more masculine. I don't think that will go over very well. Maybe I'll get Petunia's jeans and a sweater out, just in case they might fit. It would be better than a dress anyway!

To be continued in the next post.... 

-Opening the Box-

Monday, July 18, 2011

On the Loom

Loosely woven scarf, in progress. The warp is a combination of about 40% "Online Linie 106, Flair" (a polyester ladder yarn), and a combination of laceweight yarns including cashmere, hand-dyed tencel, a merino/silk/cashmere blend, and a handspun merino/silk. The weft is black "Silken Kydd" (70% super kid mohair and 30% silk) from


Turns out the 2/28 cashmere wasn't a great choice for a warp yarn. I've had quite a number of threads break on me. I've been getting lots of practice in replacing broken warp threads!