Monday, March 26, 2007

Masters Monday - 10

Today's Masters Monday post is a little late because I was busy ---

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--- FINISHING! I'm done, I'm done, I'm Sooooo DONE!

That's my binder at the top, ready to hand in. I spent nearly the entire day going through the rest of these books and a long list of online resources (for a second time!) so I could write out my reference list and bibliography. I knew about the bibliography and had added to that as I worked on the swatches and questions, but I had somehow missed the fact that my "Blocking and Care of Knits" report had to include my references. I had done all my research, taking notes from each source I could find, and had then compiled the report from my notes --- but I had not written down my sources or page numbers. I had to look everything up a second time. *sigh*

Note to those just starting the program: Every time you crack open a book or magazine, or find a valuable online source, WRITE IT DOWN!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


In or out, he's a cutie!

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This is "Sheldon" the turtle, from the free Knitty pattern designed by Ruth Homrighaus. This is destined to be a baby present (shhh, don't tell Kaylen) so I embroidered the eyes using the method suggested by Bogie.

This was a fun knit. Not nearly so difficult as it might look.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Leaf Lace Set

Remember a while back when I modeled the Leaf Lace set I had knit on a baby doll? It fits Kaylen now, but not for long!

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This was taken Monday, just before her first outing (not including neighbourhood walks).

Kaylen has started her own blog HERE. She'd love to have you come by and comment!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grandma's Running Again

With the birth of my first grandchild last week, I was more than a little busy and wasn't able to make it to the gym. I'm back at it now though, 40 minutes running on the elliptical trainer yesterday and again today, brings my total so far this year to over 227 miles. Although I've given up on trying to make the distance from Chilliwack to Prince George by the end of April (too many unavoidable set backs), I still intend to keep on running and working out with weights at the gym. Once I make Prince George I'll reset the "exercise ticker" for a longer goal --- perhaps year end?

Now that baby Kaylen has arrived and I can take down the "pregnancy ticker" I've moved the exercise ticker to the top of my main blog page. This way I can keep it updated without repeatedly adding the graph to a blog post.

With this recent mileage addition I've now passed Mcleese Lake.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Masters Monday - 9

Do I look bored? Frustrated?

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I am.

Torturous work this report writing. *Gag* I've found hundreds of reasons to put it off to the last and my procrastination is coming back to haunt me. All that stands between me and handing in my Master Knitters, Level 1 is this annoying report on Blocking and Care of Knits. I have no problem with the material which I feel I know quite well, it's just getting it all down on paper, in detail, and in a way that makes sense and "flows". Borrowing words from a song, I just need to "Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it."

My husband says I like to ruin a perfectly good, relaxing hobby by finding a way to stress myself out.

Having taken notes from every book I own that references blocking or care of knits in any way, and having organized a small portion of that into sentences and paragraphs of some sort, I'm calling it quits for the night.

Stay tuned for more next week. Hopefully it will be news that I have crossed the finish line.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Girly Girl

As you might guess, any knitting content on the blog in the near future will likely be hidden among the baby pictures. Baby Kaylen is, after all, my favorite "work in progress" right now.

This very girly little outfit was lovingly knit by my mother, the baby's Great Grandmother.

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It's the "Harebell Set for 3 Months" from an old booklet, "Nursery Styles for 3 to 12 Months" by Beehive.

Friday, March 16, 2007

In Praise of Charity Knitting

Along with the baby pictures and grandma-esk bragging that are sure to become a regular feature on this blog, I want to let everyone know how appreciated the little, hand knit, newborn hats anonymously donated to hospitals are.

I've never knit a charity hat for a newborn before but that might change now. I just wasn't aware how much the "little touch of handmade" would mean to the new parents (and grandma!). I figured that because the recipient didn't know the knitter there would be no "bond" with the item and it would just be "another hat", not special in any way. Boy, was I wrong.

The very fact that the knitter does NOT know the baby and parents they are knitting the hat for makes it extra, extra special. From the perspective of a grandma who was there for the labour, birth, and hospital stay, let me tell you it means a LOT when they open that big drawer of little knitted hats and let the mom choose the one she will keep as a memento of this special day, and baby's first bath.

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While my daughter and I looked through the drawer finding just the right hat for newborn Kaylen, still damp from her first bath, it struck me that the little hat was a symbol that the baby was not only loved and welcomed by her family, but by the community as a whole, and by the particular knitter who selflessly knit that lovely little hat.

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How wonderful the community of knitters are. So generous, so loving, and so willing to spend their time knitting with no thought of thanks or praise. In the case of the hospital hats, there is no opportunity for the mom to thank the particular knitter so --- Thank you kind knitters. Your work IS truly appreciated.

Kaylen also received another very special hat. This one was knit especially for her by her Great Grandma, my mom, and will always be a cherished keepsake.

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Sorry mom that we did not understand that the intent was for her to wear it during her hospital stay. It was packed away in her dresser drawer with the pretty little things waiting for her home-coming. She is wearing it now though, and she looks like a little angel in it. So sweet. Thanks SO much. We love you.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Granddaughter!

What a JOY it is to hold my first grandchild in my arms!

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Kaylen Marie arrived in the early morning hours of March 12,

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And weighed in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces.

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After attending the birth and helping with the first few days at home,


Saturday, March 10, 2007

While We're Waiting

So far no grand-baby. While I'm waiting for the call I'm knitting inappropriately colored soakers.

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Our daughter would like to use cloth diapers but we couldn't find any first size rubber pants so I'm hoping a few old fashioned "soaker" diaper covers will help "contain" everything until Baby is large enough for the 3 month size. The colors are not very baby girl-ish, but they are all I have in my stash. A quick trip to my nearest LYS was not fruitful. Amazingly enough they don't have any pastel colors in knitting worsted wool.

Oh well. I'm not sure that they will work or fit anyway.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sample Weaving

Last Saturday I attended a weaving workshop held by our guild and generously taught by one of our experienced weavers. We were learning about a weave structure which is named "Summer and Winter" after its alternating blocks of dark and light. I managed to complete 4 of the 14 samples that day, which was probably about average. I went home and completed two more of the samples that evening.

I continued with the project today and got another 6 samples finished. They aren't perfect, which of course bugs me, but I remind myself that they are just samples and are meant as learning tools. The good ones will make their way into a sample book/file, and the ones with errors may possibly be redone correctly some day --- that is if I like them enough otherwise. Some I like more than others.

Of the ones I did today, these first two are my favorites. Pardon the ends. Those are dealt with after the work is off the loom. This warp is still a work in progress.

Sample 7
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Sample 8
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The lower Sample in this next photo is riddled with mistakes. I think I wasn't paying careful enough attention and lost track of where I was in the treadling a couple of times. I kind of like the top Sample in the picture though. It was an experiment using "Swiss Twill" as the treadling pattern on the "Summer and Winter" warp.
Swiss Twill treadling (above)
Sample 9 (below)
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Sample 10
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Constant Baby Watch

Only 5 days left until our first grandchild is due, so it could be any day now and Constant Baby Watch has begun. I'm carrying my cell phone with me whenever I leave the house and still there is a strong temptation to phone our daughter to double check.

In other news, although I won't make it to Prince George by April first as originally planned, that doesn't mean I've ditched the faux journey altogether. I'm still making about 30 miles per week divided into 5 runs of around 6 miles each. 150 Mile House and Williams Lake are now behind me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Masters Monday - 8

My commitment to posting about the Master Knitters Program each Monday is the only thing that is inching me forward at this point. With the knitting all done it's just paperwork from here on out. It's a slow process because, like a procrastinating school student, I often don't touch the "assignment" until Sunday night or early Monday morning --- right before it's "due".

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I have now finished answering ALL the questions, including a mini essay on tension problems and another on yarn substitutions. All that's between me and my submission of Level 1 for evaluation is a detailed report on the blocking and care of knits and a bibliography. Hopefully this will be in the mail next week.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


It's hard to believe it's March already --- especially when waking to this:

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I skipped my workout this morning. And with that, all hope of running the distance between Chilliwack and Prince George (on an elliptical trainer) by April first is gone. It was such a tight schedule that if I missed one more day I would not be able to make it. I was already running (hard) for 42 minutes, 5 days a week anyway for a total of over 30 miles per week. Adding any more time or distance was just not an option. Then waking today to see all the snow, hear of slippery roads and unpleasant temperatures --- bah --- my resolve slipped.

Part of me is glad that the pressure is off. As I said I was in a position where I could not miss a day for any reason and still hope to make the distance by April 1st. Sometime before the first of April our first grandchild will be born and when that happens I'll be taking a few days off anyway. I'll still make the goal though. It will just be slightly later.